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As is typical in the spring, my business responsibilities took me to Indianapolis this past week and I again made time to hit the IMS Museum and Gift Shop. Also took the bus tour for the first time.  

The museum was in the process of setting up the new 100th Anniversary Race display of only winning Indycars which includes 67 chassis from (and including) the first race in 1911. Amazing memories came back from races I’ve attended or merely watched on TV.  I also got the chance to see up close several cars I hadn’t prior. Some truly legendary machines there and it got me thinking about my favorites.  Today’s favorite is not necessarily known for it’s dominating performance or unique engineering as much as how it became legendary…

The display wasn’t complete when I visited so to see the complete display, I’ll be visiting again in May when I return for race weekend or during a practice day. 

If you are in the Indianapolis area sometime in the next 3 months, I highly suggest a trip through the museum, the bus tour, and catch the 25-minute movie in the museum as well.  Total admissions will set you back $10 for an immense amount of American automotive racing history that won’t be all together like this possibly ever again.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Cars of Indy part IV

  1. So, how’s the museum? Seeing so many Indy cars in one place is pretty cool, for the fact that you can take a closer look at 'em. It's nice, since you usually see cars like that only when they're speeding through a racetrack.-Erwin Calverley


  2. DZ says:

    For $5 there's hardly a better automotive museum value and especially if you are an Indy 500 fan. All of the 500 winners they had displayed during May of 2011 have been sent back to their respective homes, but IMS houses many of the existing winners yet. Penske keeps all of his 500 winners and a few others have been lost to damage, time, etc. Other early racecars, motors, and motorcycles are also on display.There is a free 15 minute movie to watch and, if you have 20 minutes and another $5, take the bus ride on the track.The cars are definitely the stars of the museum though.


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Ground(ed) Effects

Indycar and general autosport opinion

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