Math Homework for Thanksgiving Break…

OK, ok, everyone please take your seats, Indycar math is in session.  We’ve taken a bit of a break so there’s a fair bit of ground to cover…

Indycar 2012 >= sliced bread.
Indycar 2012 > NASCAR 2012 (cubed)
Indycar 2012 Chassis solution > NASCAR CoT + 5 years.
Chevy (Ilmor) + Lotus (Cosworth) + Honda (HPD) > Doom + Gloomers.
Randy Bernard > Pessimism.
Pessimism <= colo-rectal screenings.
Month of May planning + anticipation + enthusiasm
 >= Christmas morning – 5:40am wake-up.

Month of May anticipation > pharmaceutical-grade stimulants.
4 x Miller High Life Light 30-pks x $14.99 + 3-day cooler (x 2) + 40 lbs ice @ .25 per > 1 x keg Miller High Life x $79 + deposits + 80 lbs ice @ .60 (where ambient temperature is assumed constant 84 deg average x 5 days).
Indycar Tweeters + fun > barrel full of monkeys.
Pressdog > ESPN NASCAR commentary.
“So’s Your Face” > “Jeff Gordon’s a querrr”.

Aerial bombs at 5am + 3 hrs. sleep (max) – properly hydrated system – full sobriety – personal hygiene = best day of the rest of your life…

Please memorize these formulae.  There will likely be a test at the end of 2nd semester…

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