INDYCON Level 4 and Origins Redux

Once upon a time (a simpler and shinier time before children and 9/11 and recessions came bouncing along) I had enough free time to work a full-time job and have the luxury of considering what to do with some bonus evening hours on the weekends while my wife worked (chief photog for our local newspaper).

I fell into the semi-occasional freelance writing gig for my local newspaper covering high school sports on Friday and Saturday nights during football and basketball seasons. This went a ‘fer piece up tha road’ to satisfying my personal need for a creative outlet. As a bonus, I picked up a few scraps of extra cash which I promptly dumped into little mods here and there on my freelance transportation vehicle (our 1994 Miata C-pkg red with tan leather… I really do miss that car).

This was about.. (oh, what?! It can’t be!) thirteen years ago and just.. (oh, wow already?!) four years ago I discovered blogging. It wasn’t long before I discovered just how technically simple producing a blog can be. My writing now had an outlet that actually could be read by as many as I wanted to see it. As I began to blog, one subject kept bobbing on the surface of my writing thoughts – The Indianapolis 500. This lead me to start a blog strictly for my fascination with the Indy 500 and Indycar racing which is what you read today.

Now, on this first day of May as I set my INDY-CON (INDY-500 CONdition rating system) to level 4, I realize many who read this blog now may be unaware of the origins. The first day of May is when I traditionally take a look back to one my favorite memories of my youth and of my father. 

Please forgive me as I take the road most lazy and give you the link to the aforementioned nostalgic post…

What does the first day of May trigger for you?

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