Qualification Recap/Race Predictions – 2012

That was perhaps the least suspenseful Bump Day in recent history and maybe of all time. Oh welps, it was a beeyootiful weekend and I finally got to see the new cars in person. I must agree with nearly all accounts of them looking better in person than on TV. I’m also looking forward to the first laps in 500 race conditions with the new chassis. 

When comparing my previous post’s predictions with the actual outcomes, I’m delighted to announce a tripling of accuracy from a year ago by correctly predicting 3 of the 33 drivers in their qualified position. Messrs Power, Bell, and Cunningham all spot-frickin’-on! Whoopty-do. Charlie Kimball’s possible shuffle to the back of the field pending the outcome of repairs to the primary 83, however, could also shuffle my accuracy.  Yes, a whopping .0909 accuracy rating for me gives me the slightest hope for predicting the winner.

Now excitement shifts into top gear, for raceday is nearly upon us and I for one cannot wait to see what this ol’ Speedway is going to give us this year… Last year’s race prediction wasn’t far off (if you squint) and given the fact that something out-of-the-already-special norm ALWAYS happens on years that end with 2, 6, or 7, I again foresee this race being one for the ages…

“Are you serious?”, you ask. “You can’t just have AH-MAZING every year!” 
Fair enough, but tradition and history have their way perhaps nowhere else more than at IMS, sooooo…

Ever the glutton for punishment, I’m not gonna just pick a winner, but a Top 10.

Penske’s triple threat will prove to be too much for the rest of the field to handle this day and the continent of Australia erupts in wild celebration as an Aussie finally gets his mug welded to the Borg-Warner Trophy. 

Greg Norman and Vern Schuppan slug a beer and weep with the most bittersweet joy you can imagine. 

Willy P to send OZs into raptures

However, it shan’t be pole-sitter Briscoe but Will Power winning his first 500 and Roger Penske’s 273rd Indy 500. “Not a real surprise”, you say? How about this, he comes from a lap down due to an early race Pit Road penalty (yet again), recovers and covers the field with the most superb and determined drives in the 2nd half of the race since Jaques Villenueve in 1995. It will also come at the expense of dominant teammate Castroneves stumbling late (tripped up by the ever-fickle racing gods perhaps), with his 4th win all but assured.

Marco Andretti 2nd (again), Dixon finishes 3rd, Hunter-Reay 4th, Bell 5th, Briscoe 6th, Kanaan 7th, Franchitti 8th, Rahal 9th, and Newgarden takes 10th and Rookie-of-the-Year voting.  

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Think I’m nuts and want to tell me so?  Please do. There’s an old joke that goes something like… “I can tell you’re crazy because, in those shorts you’re wearing, I can clearly see your…  ANNNYWAYYYY, Leave a comment below.

Enjoy your race weekend (I know I plan to), and we’ll chat again on the other side of this 96th Indianapolis 500!

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