Indycar, My iPod, and Moz (a noir narrative)

On the shiny precipice of a new Indycar season and, in following the News of the Indycar world through February 15, I find myself again wondering, 

“What in the actual hell is going on?”

OK, ok… o….  (deep, cleansing breath)…..  k… 

Been here before, I can manage it, just need to take a moment, go for a walk.
Escape into some music, to chill… 

     (grabs iPod, dons headphones) 

Let’s hit Shuffle and see what comes up… 

     (surprised, knowing the amount of 80’s 
      metal/punk/wave is on the ‘pod..) 

OH! OK, perfect. Some nice, Jamaican-influenced pop? Johnny Nash it is…

     (presses play)

I can see clearly now, 
the rain is gone.
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Dammit. It’s not working.. 

     (I begin rewriting lyrics in my head)

NOT gone are the dark clouds which had me blind.
It’s a depressingly dark, dark Indycar day.

I can see clearly, that my affinity for parody lyrics and Indycar during Seasonal Affective Disorder isn’t going to be helpful..

     (hits Shuffle…The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?)

Oh, sweet! Early-80s, right in my wheelhouse.. 
I love this song and the 80s recalls a much shinier day in Indycar… 


YESSSSS, thank you Johnny Marr for the great reverb/modulated guitar intro…

“I am the son, and the heir, 
of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.
I am the son, and the heir, 
of nothing in particular..”

You shut your mouth, how can you say
I go about things the wrong way,
I am human and I need to be loved
just like everybody else does.”

Hmpf. Comically apropo and all too representative of much of Indycar. 
Also not at all helping me get out of this funk, but let’s ride it out to the end of the song…

“When you say it’s gonna happen now, 
when exactly do you mean?
See, I’ve already waited too long
and all my hope is gone…”


     (shakes head, perturbed, hits Shuffle again)
     (ironically, the algorithm pulls another Smiths tune..)

“I was happy in a haze of a drunken hour
but heaven knows I miserable now..

     (looks skyward, hands out in a ‘WTF was that?’ pose)

“In my life, 
why do I give valuable time,
to people who don’t care if I 
live or I die?”

Clearly, the universe is trying to tell me something.. to help me perhaps…

Almighty hell. Who am I to argue?

     (stops walking, stops iPod, 
      removes headphones, turns around)

I feel like going home and blogging some Indycar predictions for 2014…

Right after I listen to Rage Against the Machine… on 11.

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