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So so SOOOO often I get asked by my friends (who aren’t yet Indycar fans) what are seemingly elementary questions about Indycars and the Indy 500. Things like, “Indycar… what exactly is that? Is that like NASCAR?” or, “Whaddya mean by open wheels?” or, “Isn’t the Indy 500 just a big party? You go every year …

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DZ’s Indycar Parody LyricsParody of ‘Lawyers, Guns and Money’ by Warren Zevon‘Jay Penske’s Lament’ by DZ (aka:@groundedeffects) I went home on the team bus The way I always doHow was I to knowIt was Gil deFerran’s too?I was gambling in IndianaI took a little riskSend lawyers, cars and moneyDaaad get me out of this, hyeahI’m …

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NASCAR’s revision of its points system, and the reaction to it, has returned me, like the swallows to Capistrano, to my very core base of appreciation for INDYCAR. Screaming typographics aside, the debate of on-track action between INDYCAR and NASCAR for this writer has always boiled down to one very simple inherent element – open …

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